AVNC Continuing Education provides Hands-On short courses and training seminars in sound, vibrations, acoustics, and noise.
Acoustics Vibrations and Noise Control
Noise and Vibration Control Short Course

AVNC Continuing Education is an elite organization with twenty-four years of specialized educational experience in sound, vibrations, acoustics, noise control, and vibration control. Professional development courses, training classes, short courses, lectures, and seminars cover an array of topics that include acoustics, vibrations, noise control, sound control, vibration control, modal analysis, noise & vibration measurements and instrumentation, digital signal processing (DSP) for acoustics & vibrations, and sound intensity.

AVNC Continuing Education was founded in 1984 when it became an instant success by combining lectures with “Hands-On Workshops”. AVNC has no commercial ties and all equipment and instrumentation is owned by AVNC. Instructors are totally impartial and “tell it like it is”. They are graduate level engineers and nationally recognized experts. Courses avoid unnecessary theory and cover important topics in a practical pragmatic way. All course material is contained in a complete set of bound notes.

AVNC’s flagship course is the Noise and Vibration Control Short Course that has morning lectures with “Hands-On Workshops” in the afternoon. The basics of sound characteristics, noise fields, and vibrations of mechanical systems are covered in the first few days. The following days delve into a comprehensive coverage of noise control, sound reduction & mitigation, along with vibration control. Students leave the “Hands-On” course with the skills to do engineering noise control and the ability to quiet products.

AVNC courses are held at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort Conference Center in the scenic mountains of Western Pennsylvania.

AVNC is the continuing education divison of TAV. For more information, call Will at 412.400.2001 or Email “will@avnc.com.”