AVNC Continuing Education provides Hands-On short courses and training seminars in sound, vibrations, acoustics, and noise.
AVNC Overview

Team Approach to Teaching

AVNC instructors who teach short courses, training classes, and give lectures in applied acoustics, mechanical vibrations, noise & vibration control, signal processing, modal analysis, sound intensity are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their respective field. Courses are often taught by two instructors, one from academia and the other from industry, both with an established track record in teaching. Each instructor has his or her specialty, but instructors are paired to complement each other. Past students say this “tag team” approach strikes a balance between the real and ideal.

Experience and Background

Each AVNC instructor has more than 30-plus years of experience in the field. Instructors are seasoned teachers who are well respected in the engineering acoustics & vibrations field, and are hand-picked by AVNC for technical and communication skills. Experts are plentiful, but experts who can teach difficult material at a practical level and communicate with novices are rare. AVNC seeks out and staffs itself with the very best.